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Division of Finance


Late Fees

Rice Building

Any balance not paid or covered by financial aid by the due date noted on any bill will be subject to a late payment fee of $250.

In addition to the $250 fee, students with unpaid balances will have a "hold" placed on their records. This means they will be unable to receive grades or transcripts, register for classes, or receive diplomas.

If any amount is still outstanding at the end of the term, Rensselaer will require you to take a leave of absence. Re-admittance will be contingent upon payment of money owed plus full payment in advance for the next term.

Should you fail to pay amounts due, the Institute may increase the amounts due by any attorney and collection agency fees, or any other costs or charges incurred in the collection of any amount not paid when due.

If you have been assessed a late fee please read the following:

1. Late fee appeals may only be done in writing through email to "Bursar@rpi.edu".

2. Appeals are only approved in rare instances involving extreme and unusual circumstances.

3. Examples are medical emergencies or severe personal hardships such as a loss of job or family member.

4. These circumstances must be supplemented and justified in writing with supporting documentation.

5. You may only appeal your late fee if you feel you fall into these categories.

6. NOT receiving a bill is NOT justification enough to warrant an appeal. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bill is paid in a timely manner whether you receive a bill or not.

7. Once you file an appeal, it is reviewed by an Appeals Committee and not by any one individual.

8. The decision of the Committee is final.

9. If your appeal is ultimately denied, you MAY NOT file another appeal. Please make sure you are completely thorough in your initial request.