Financial Aid

For questions regarding Financial Aid please contact the Financial Aid Office

  • Review your SIS account to check for any outstanding requirements necessary for receiving and/or finalizing your financial aid award.
  • Registration time tickets are emailed to students prior to the next semester's registration period. Please read this time ticket carefully as it will notify you if there are any issues that could prevent you from registering for the next semester.
  • If you continue to have an outstanding balance after all of your financial aid has been posted to your account, contact the Financial Aid Office.
  • Accounts must be paid in full or paid with financial aid in order to register for the next semester.
  • New York State Awards: All Tap, New York Award for Academic Excellence, and other miscellaneous state award recipients must be completed and submitted to New York State Higher Education Services Corporation in order to finalize your actual award.

Each of the following must be completed prior to the disbursement of your Direct Loans:

  • Accepting the amount you wish to borrow on your SIS record. Loans are not originated and disbursed to your account until you accept them.
  • Completion of a Master Promissory Note online.
  • Completion of Entrance Counseling Session. This is also only required for 1st time recipients and can be completed online.

More information about the process can be found here:

Parents who are interested in borrowing the PLUS loan are responsible for applying online here: Assuming approval, parents are also required to complete a Master Promissory Note.

More information about the PLUS loan can be found here:

If you are an eligible New York resident, you must apply to the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation using (undergraduate) school code 0635. Use only your current estimated TAP award listed on your financial aid certificate to reduce your payment. An undergraduate student must be registered for at least 12 credits during the fall and spring terms and for 6 credits during the summer sessions, in order to be eligible for TAP.

These earnings are paid directly to students when hours are worked. If you have a work-study award, it does not appear on your bill and will not be used to reduce your balance.

Your bill reflects financial aid offered by the Office of Financial Aid and is viewable on your student account on SIS. If you are expecting aid that is not included on your bill, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Outside Aid

You may have an outside scholarship or other financial aid that is not preprinted on your bill but will come to Rensselaer on your behalf. Before you can deduct such aid from your current balance, you must send us a letter from the donor organization which includes your name as recipient, amount of award, and period of study for which the award is granted. You may use this aid to reduce your balance only for the term the aid is awarded.

If you use aid to reduce your balance without supporting documentation, the award cannot be honored and resulting balances owed are subject to the $250 late payment fee. If the scholarship is paid directly to you, you may not use it to reduce your payment to us.

Graduate students only

Your tuition will be paid through our Graduate Aid process. However, you are responsible for health and activity fees as well as any other miscellaneous charges. Be sure to review your account for charges not covered by your assistantship.

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