Tuition Bill (eBILL)

The Bursar's Office at Rensselaer exclusively uses eBilling to distribute tuition bills.

  • View tuition bill: An email notification is sent to each student's Rensselaer email address with access instructions. Students access their eBILL via Student Information System (SIS).
    • Login to SIS, click Student Account Detail.
    • Select Account Summary by Semester.
    • Click Transact link at the top of the page.
    • View bills by clicking Statements.
    • Select Make a payment for payments.
    • Click My Account --> Payers to give others access to your bill.
  • Parent/Guardian access to eBILL: Once enrolled, the student may designate additional users, usually a parent or guardian, to enroll and also have access to their bills. eBILL is the only way for a student to receive their bill, so they must allow their parents access in order for them to be able to view the bill. 
  • Payment Responsibility: It is the student's responsibility to check for the latest eBill and ensure that it is paid on or before the due date. Students whose parents or guardians do not have access to email are responsible for printing a PDF copy of their bill and mailing it to their parents or guardians.
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