Graduating Students

During your graduation transition period, you will receive the benefits of the Bursar staff monitoring your student account. You will receive your Bursar account status via frequent emails, mailings and announcements. Remember, we are here to assist you and your family in your transitional time at Rensselaer.

Once you have graduated, you will receive 3 additional notifications, by mail, which may include charges that were posted to your account after you have received your diploma. If payment is not received, Rensselaer reserves the right to engage in additional collection efforts through a third party provider.

Outstanding Balances

If you do have a balance, one of the following offices might be able to assist you. Please contact them to further help you in resolving your balance:

Retrieving Records

Records can only be released upon payment in full of all debts to the Institute.

Information, grades, or diplomas (to be referred to hereon in as “records”) remain the property of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute until the student has met all academic requirements and is in good financial standing in accordance with Rensselaer policy.

To request records, contact the Bursar Office: (518) 276-6610 or email:

If you are actively registered or have graduated or separated from Rensselaer, you are entitled to have access to “records” if you have met all these requirements. Good financial standing means that you must be paid in full with all tuition, fees and miscellaneous charges owed to the Institute. All loan obligations including but not limited to institutional, federal, state and local loans that you accepted while enrolled at the Institute at any time must also be satisfied and paid in full.

Any outstanding debt (tuition, fees, miscellaneous charges and/or loans) of any amount will result in a hold on your account and prevent the release of “records”. You may contact the Bursar’s Office or if applicable a collection agency or loan service provider if your debt was referred to a delegated authority for additional collection efforts, to enter into a mutually agreed upon installment payment arrangement to satisfy a debt. Entering into a payment plan of any type will not, under any circumstances, provide the immediate release of “records” until the full satisfaction of those arrangements and subsequently, the debt is paid in full.

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