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Before offering any work to a student you must first decide on the rate of pay. General guidelines for student job titles and appropriate rates of pay can be found using the Job Categories and Rates table below. A student worker must be paid at least the NYS minimum wage. 

Job CategoryDescription
Pay Range
Academic ServicesProvides assistance to teaching staff. Duties may include the distribution of handouts; proctoring exams; grading exams with key; assist teaching staff with demonstrations; developing/finalizing homework assignments; tutoring; assisting with lab sessions.$13.20 - $15.00 per hour or stipend
Administrative ServicesAssists with basic administrative functions of an office. Must have good customer service, communication and organizational skills. May be required to assist with special projects as necessary.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour
Art/EntertainmentStrong organizational skills and attention to detail essential. Mechanical aptitude for audiovisual equipment may be required. Assist with special projects or research as needed. May require submission of an art portfolio, graphic arts background or architectural drafting experience.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour
Athletic and Recreation ServicesResponsible for oversight of activities at specific athletic activities. Position may require basic first aid knowledge including CPR. Knowledge of specific equipment or sports terminology may be necessary. Responsible for specific athletic event/area.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour
Building/FacilitiesPerform routine duties in specified area(s) and/or maintenance on specific equipment. Experience/familiarity with basic hand tools and simple machinery required. May be required to perform manual labor such as moving furniture and lifting heavy items. May be required to operate standard motor vehicle to transport people and goods to specific locations. Assist staff and/or other professional personnel in construction and/or maintenance of university facilities and equipment.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour
FundraisingContact alumni, parents, and friends via a student calling program to inform them about Rensselaer and its accomplishments. Request support from constituents to support the Rensselaer Annual Fund and other fundraising priorities and initiatives.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour
IT SupportOperate and maintain computer equipment. Ability to write and test computer programs. Train and support students/staff/faculty in the use of software and hardware. Maintain and update manuals. Ability to establish and/or customize systems according to specific needs of an office. Coursework and experience in major programming languages and corresponding software and hardware equipment. Troubleshooting experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art equipment. Ability to communicate effectively with students/staff/faculty as needed concerning systems and programs.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour
LibraryAssist staff with daily, routine library operations. Duties may include library searches, general office work, data entry, assisting patrons, book repairs, and maintaining statistics. Must have good customer service and communication skills.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour
Research/Field/LabPerform routine tasks in a research environment. Assist staff in laboratory or fieldwork. Dispense supplies to laboratories, clean glassware, maintain inventory, perform assays, set up and conduct experiences. Relevant coursework as well as knowledge of lab equipment and procedures may be required. May be required to attend lab/safety training.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour or stipend
Services/CommunityProvide supportive services to students and areas primarily targeting student services. Assist with implementation of activities relating to a specific program or department. Ability to deal effectively with the Rensselaer campus community and institute regulations/policies. Good communication and organizational skills are necessary. Act as reference source for questions/concerns relating to student activities or the Rensselaer campus community. Assist with training sessions to promote living, working, and learning environments that are physically and environmentally safe. May supervise other students, develop educational/informational materials, ensure building security, maintain equipment, and conduct walking tours. Good written and oral communication skills are required.$13.20 - $20.00 per hour

Hiring Student Workers

  • Obtain a copy of the Placement letter from Federal Work Study student workers. Do not allow the student to begin work until you see the placement letter. Note: The job authorization is sent by Financial Aid to the Payroll Office.
  • If the student is a US citizen or Permanent Resident, please refer to the daily I-9 query to validate whether the student has a completed Form I-9. If the students name is on the list, you do not have to complete the Form I-9. The Payroll Office will already have one on file for them. If their name is not on the list, you need to have the student begin their I-9 on Equifax. An authorized I-9 completer will then need to complete Section 2 in Equifax BEFORE they start working.
  • If the student is a Non-Resident Alien, provide the student with the International Student Pre-employment Checklist. If the student's name is on the valid I-9 list have the student follow the re-hire instructions on the checklist. If the student's name is not on the I-9 list have the student follow the new-hire instructions on the checklist. You do not need to collect any forms. The Payroll Office will collect all the forms.
  • Encourage the student worker to be paid through Direct Deposit. Direct them to instructions for setting up Direct Deposit which can be done through their SIS account. 
  • Student can complete their tax elections through their SIS accounts. Direct them to the instructions for electing federal and state tax withholdings through SIS. Alternatively, they can manually fill out the forms and submit them to the support site. Those forms can be found here. These forms should only be provided to US Citizens and Permanent Residents. 
  • Have the student complete a confidentiality statement and maintain that statement in your office.
  • If your department requires training to be completed by the student before they start working, obtain proof of the training completion.
  • Issue the Student Employment Card to the student.
  • Establish the job in payroll.

  • There are various types of student employment across campus and some programs have their own guidelines that govern the number of hours that a student is allowed to work. Program guidelines must be followed! The additional guidelines below are the general rules around the amount of time students work, but do not supercede program guidelines or requirements. 
  • Talk to student about the work schedule. Students should not work more than 20 hours per week during an academic term and no more than 40 hours per week during breaks. If your department has a requirement of lesser hours, be sure to communicate that to the student.
  • Students are allowed to work multiple jobs across campus.
  • If a student works more than 40 hours per week, across all combined jobs, overtime must be paid. The Payroll Office will determine which job must pay the overtime. Overtime should be an exception and not the norm, will require Supervisor approval.
  • It is important to make the student aware that they are responsible for tracking their total hours in a week to ensure they do not exceed 40 hours in any given week. (Thursday - Wednesday).
  • Explain how hours are submitted in your department (be specific and stress the deadlines.) If hourly they must submit their hours worked by the established deadline.
  • If the student is being paid from Federal Work Study funds, remind them that they cannot exceed their maximum work hours awarded.

  • Review job description, expectations, and access to buildings, labs, etc.
  • Review hours of operation and clearly explain when and where the student is to work.
  • Explain the process of notification if they need to come in late, leave early, or will not be in.
  • Explain how they get paid. Encourage them to sign up for direct deposit. If they do not elect direct deposit, their checks will be mailed to them. Tell the student they can obtain/view their pay stubs and W-2, at SIS.RPI.EDU. The paystub will indicate whether they were paid by check or direct deposit.
  • Encourage the student to sign up for an electronic W-2 in SIS.
  • Make the student aware of the Student Worker Employment Handbook and Employment Policy and recommend they review it.
  • Provide the Payroll Calendar. Students are paid every other Friday.

Exceptions to Electronic Personnel Action Form submittals:

  1. SLAGFAR - Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Fellowships (no work relationship), complete the form in Banner called SLAGFAR. It is extremely important to ensure that payment authorized as a Fellowship is truly a Fellowship and that NO work expectations are required. Ensure that the grant being charged is set up to allow Fellowship payments. If unsure you must contact the Office of Graduate Education or the Payroll Office before making the offer of payment.
  2. Student Authorization/Cancellation Form - this form should be completed for all other non-Federal Work Study jobs or jobs not processed through SLAGFAR. For students paid hourly this form should be used. For students paid a salary this form should be used.

Supervising Student Workers

Supervisors of student workers have certain responsibilities. The following list of responsibilities should be considered by a supervisor when working with a student.

  • Ensure that student workers do not begin work until you have verification of student workers’ eligibility to work in the United States (Valid Student Employment Card.) A student should be able to present a Student Employment Card if the required paperwork is complete. You must ask to see this card and if they student cannot produce it, they should not start working.
  • Provide adequate training and introduction to the workplace, policies, and procedures for all new student workers in such a way as to promote a meaningful transition into the position.
  • Provide training for student staff. Ensure review of all policies, procedures and any divisional/departmental changes.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local employment laws, regulations and Institute standards.
  • Review and approve each student worker time sheet by the required due date.
  • Ensure that student worker receive their pay in a timely manner.
  • Encourage student workers to sign up for direct deposit to receive their pay in a timely manner.
  • Support any student with a documented disability interested in utilizing accommodations for their college work-study job. Please consult with Human Resources for proper details to support student staff in this manner.
  • Provide a space for working that is free from hazards.
  • Keep lines of communication open and clear.
  • Be firm, yet flexible.
  • Establish clear goals, performance expectations and ground rules.
  • Delegate! Assume that the students you have hired are competent and responsible. Provide them with the potential for learning and growth.
  • Set a positive example of professional, polite and ethical behavior. Supervisors are expected to be departmental role models.
  • Provide a working environment with meaningful employment.
  • Show appreciation for exceptional work.
  • Allow for student input to the program.
  • Be an accessible supervisor.
  • Encourage risk-taking and decision-making. Letting students know that you trust as well as believe in them helps to foster a sense of cohesiveness, which can lead to increased self-esteem. Please remember that this is an experience for student workers and part of their co-circular learning.

Rensselaer fosters open and respectful communication among student workers and supervisors. If situations arise that threaten the quality of a work environment, progressive discipline is appropriate. If student workers fail to meet reasonable standards of performance, supervisors are expected to take appropriate action in the manner outlined in this set of guidelines. The goal of these steps is to improve job performance, so that the student may continue as an effective member of the working environment. Please note that this is a guideline only. Steps can be skipped or revisited at the discretion of the supervisor.

Verbal warning and a note made in file

  • Schedule verbal counseling no later than one workday after the incident.
  • Clearly specify the reason for the action.
  • State that this is a verbal warning and failure to improve job performance may result in more progressive action.
  • Keep a record of the time and date of the warning, the reason for the counseling, the date/time and the outcome.

Written warning in file and follow-up with Supervisor

  • List the job performance problems that have caused the disciplinary action to be taken.
  • Indicate the date(s) of the specific instance(s) that occurred.
  • Indicate the date(s) of the specific instance(s) that occurred.
  • Include desired changes to job performance.
  • Keep all copies.

Meeting with Supervisor to create an action plan for success. Action plans will be signed and three week re-evaluation will be scheduled.

  • Specify the job performance problems that have caused disciplinary action to be taken.
  • Indicate the date(s) of the specific instance(s) that occurred.
  • Document previous verbal and written counseling including actions that were taken.
  • Come up with a step by step action plan for student improvement including but not limited shift changes.
  • The supervisor and student should sign the plan of action.
  • If the cause of the improper behavior is beyond your scope of supervision or there is dangerous behavior evident please consult the health center professionals on the best course of action.
  • In addition to the above steps the supervisor has the option to suspend the student from employment for a period of up to 10 working days.


  • Terminations need to be made in person and in writing.
  • The written notification of the termination must include the date on which the separation will become effective and a specific statement as to the cause of termination.
  • All work-study terminations must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid with a detailed account of the reason for termination.
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